Fraser Parker
A casual conversation about his own style of Mentalism, some nice insights and even a propless routine for free!

Aaron Vlack
His views about Mentalism, Mystery Arts, how to structure an act and a demonstration of his LUDUM ACAAN

Mauricio Jaramillo
His background as performer, his influences, the importance of character and even a spontaneous psychokinetic moment

Matt Pulsar
His roots in Mentalism, great ideas and even some video-performances (same technique, different approaches)

Enrique Enriquez 
Poet? Tarot Reader? Philosopher?...Most important, a kind person full of interesting ideas and stories

Steve Wachner
Personal insights, stories and even a performance from his new book!

Kenton Knepper
His beginnings, philosophy and ideas from the Wonder Wizard 

Lance Sinclair
A fantastic Mentalist and sweet guy, which has a lot of thoughts, ideas (and a free eBook) to share!

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